About The Land of Roses Belly Dance School in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Students on stage

„The Land of Roses“ is one of the leading oriental dance schools of Bulgaria. Placed in the capital city Sofia, “The Land of Roses” is a popular place, gathering belly dance enthusiasts from around the country and providing a home to many annual Middle Eastern dance events.

In „The Land of Roses“ the love for the dance and the quality of the education come first. The director of the school is Nevena Tacheva – аn award-winning, international belly dance artist and certified instructor for modern and classical oriental dance.

The students of the dance school „The Land of Roses“ have the opportunity to perform on Hafla parties and shows of the school, on various competitions for oriental dance, as well as on the school’s Roses of the Orient Belly Dance Festival.

Students on stage and Nevena Tacheva with her master teacher Momo Kadous

Classes are offered all year long, on a regular basis master classes with local and guest teachers are held and and new groups are starting each September, January, and July. The education is divided in 5 one-year-long levels as follows:
Beginner with previous knowledge

Testimonials from Students

Wonderful teacher, having a great group of students! There are no words to describe the spirit and the energy! No matter how tough my day has been, I know that it all goes away when we start dancing!
— Teodora Gorancheva

that’s it  ….  while watching, one feels your emotions and the vitality therein …  You are totally in yourself, totally your true self and at the same time expressing the music and staying in contact with your friends in the audience  …  for me this is exactly what oriental dance is about …  Thank you for the possibility to learn from you!!
— Tanja Schulz

I feel very blessed and inspired to dance with and learn from this wonderful and talented woman. We danced great choreographies which give us a lot of fun. I learned so many wonderful techniques in such a short time…as never before. And i got to know a teacher full of passion and sweetness i will never forget. I hope to dance with her a lot of further times and years. Kisses to her!
— Sandra Schäfer

Annual Show of The Land of Roses Belly Dance School in Sofia, Bulgaria


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